my 3 month hiatus, pt. 1

Hello Blog.coms,

So, I see that my last post was Aug. 7! Man, you guys must really be missing me by now. I kept telling myself that I was going to write more meaningful posts about things going on in the world, like politics, religion, international affairs, Lady Gaga, etc. But I just ended up being absent from the blog-scene for 3 months. So I guess it's back to the ego-centric ramblings about my life, for now.

This is the first of a series of posts catching you all up on my life. Hopefully I am not too boring.

Sharp Top Cove
Jasper, GA

June 28-July 5

I realized that I never told you guys about Young Life Summer Camp! Actually, most of you reading this probably went to camp, or have been before, and so I don't need to explain what it is. But on the off chance that you happen to have no clue, lemme 'splain.

Young Life is an interdenominational Christian outreach organization that serves middle school and high school age adolescents. It exists throughout the United States and in many countries across the globe. I have been involved since I was a wee teen myself back in Newburgh, IN. In college, I was a volunteer leader at Bloomington High School South, and now Tim and I are on the "Committee" which serves sort of like a Board of Directors for the organization at the local level.

Anyway, we went to CAMP! I mean, leaders take kids to camp every summer, but this was the first summer that we took a group of adults as Adult Guests! Tim and I loved getting to know other adults from our area better, and experiencing YL camp from a whole new perspective. I loved watching Young Life leaders care for young people in such a sincere and simple, yet intentional way. In the midst of hilarious skits, delicious food, and amazing facilities, the camp speaker described Jesus Christ in a way teenagers can understand. Young Life does all this without alienating religious jargon or arm-twisting appeals. I love it. At Young Life, people are accepted exactly where they are.

Plus it is tons of fun. Here are some pics of the adults having some kid fun.

Anne, Abbi, and me getting ready to drop from the "Big Swing"

Tim and Brett Rice sliding down the stand-up water slides!

Tim and me on 1800s night. Remember that beard? Ew.

Okay, so who wants to go to Young Life Camp next summer?

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