Dorkfest 2009

So....growing up, I was one of those girls that always tried really hard to be cool. The older I got, the more I realized that this was just an impossible feat. So I eventually learned to start embracing my more uncool characteristics (like my obsession with Dawson's Creek or my aversion to frequent showering). So it was only a matter of time before I found myself engulfed in the quintessential nerdy experience, leaving with me the mark of NERDdom forever.....

Dungeons & Dragons

Okay, so I am happy to report that I did not actually participate in the game, merely spectated with a grotesque curiosity. Like when someone says "eeew, I think this milk is spoiled! Here smell it!" And you go ahead and take a whiff, even though you know it will be completely putrid. My husband (A.K.A. "Ruric the Dwarvan Warrior"), recently rekindled his love for Dungeons and Dragons ("DnD"), when a high school buddy invited him to join a "campaign" this summer. He eagerly agreed and then buried his nose in the DnD manual. He spent the last few days studying and creating his character and backstory. I was really taken aback by the amount of preparation required, and even more appalled by the giddiness that ensued while Tim, Will, and Brett chattered away about elves and magic spells and battle axes....

I guess I sort of thought I would enjoy the game because I really like other dorky things along the same lines. I love fantasy movies like Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter. I also really like to play epic board games like Settlers of Catan. I also really like any excuse to sit for long periods at a time with friends and eat tons of junk food. So, when Tim told me that he was going to play this summer, I was a bit excited to finally witness this cultural icon of our generation firsthand.

So last night, I sat and watched as my friends encountered giant owl-beaked skeleton monsters and evil banshee ladies. They weaved their way through the dungeon, bravely fought their opponents, craftily escaped danger, and rolled lots of dice. I eventually fell asleep on the floor amidst the battling and spell-casting...and 5 hours later, I awoke to the happy sound of potato chip bags being crumpled and discarded. (The game was not finished by any means, they had just finished a level....er, something like that).

Overall, I am glad I went and watched. It was pretty entertaining, and I decided that if someone had lured me into the world of Dungeons and Dragons back in my junior high days, I most certainly would have loved it. But for now, I will settle for making fun of my friends and their geeky past time.

Whether you like to play DnD or prefer snickering at its absurdity, you might like the following DnD related bits of pop culture:

1. James Franco hearts DnD

2. The Milwaukian Comedy Troupe, the Dead Alewives, did this bit about DnD, apparently its pretty funny if you have ever played before. I thought it was pretty amusing and I have never played. This link will take you to a website that has 2 clips. ----> "Where are the Cheetohs?"

3. Everyone should watch the movie Darkon. It is not about Dungeons and Dragons, but the even dorkier practice of LARPing (Live Action Role Play) which is basically DnD on steroids.

Here is a link to the movie's official website. ----> Nerdumentary

Here is a link to the Darkon Wargaming Club's website. ----> Nerdclub

Peace be with you, Blogstaz,



move, pt. 1


Last week, my office relocated to a new building (shown above). We had to move out of our old place when one of the other tenants moved and we couldn't afford the rent on our own. Before it was home to the South Central Community Action Program's Owen County office, our old building used to house the Center for Behavioral Health (i.e. Centerstone) and before that a Doctor's office. I spent almost a year there, with its institutional white walls, dirty carpet, tiny half windows, and prototypical doctor's office sliding glass window ("Sign in here please, the doctor will be right with you.")

Though our new place is much smaller, it also much more inviting and comfortable. We were also allowed to paint the interior walls! (SCCAP paid for the paint, and our new landlord painted - chaching). As some of you know, my boss entrusted me with the task of choosing the colors for the walls. After much deliberation and facebook consulting, I finally decided on the following colors:

Soft Duckling
Dusted Bronze
Delta Clay
Jalapeno Jelly

(sweet names, huh?)

Anyway, most of you probably could care less about where I work, or what colors I look at all day long, but I couldn't think of anything better to blog about, so deal with it.

Here are a few pics of the interior.

First, is my office! Wall colors: Soft Duckling and Delta Clay

Next, you see our reception area (and our volunteer receptionist, Cindy). Wall colors: Dusted Bronze and Jalapeno Jelly

Aside from the parking wars waged by our neighbors (the friendly Baptist Church, and the congenial Insurance Co.), we are very pleased with our new building. The best part is that we are across the street from the Circle K - Polar Pops - boooyah!

So, if you find yourself in Spencer, IN Mon-Fri between 8:00 am and 4:30 pm, stop in and say "Hi!"