Josh just reminded me that I left out an important detail in recent Hotel Feltonia history.  Please note the following changes:

....Jimmy moved in 'cause he needed a place to stay while he was off work.

Jimmy smashed into the house 'cause his brakes went out.

Jimmy moved out 'cause he went Japanese....

He says that his brakes went out and I believe him.  But it is logical to assume that since he smashed into the house late at night, that he was smashed himself.  If this is true, than he sobered up real fast, because he did not seem drunk when he came running into the house frantically exclaiming that "something really terrible just happened."  Of course, I would guess that smashing your car into the side of a house would be a pretty sobering experience.

This occurred in August, and in case you were wondering, no, it is not fixed yet.  Our landlord (who looks like Brett Favre) came over and sort of pushed the wall back into place, and we have to use Zombie style blockades to "lock" the door.  Oh well, we don't really care, its in the basement and its not our house.  Oh, the advantages of renting!  Seriously, who would want to buy a house when your friends are just going to end up smashing it eventually?

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