my 3 month hiatus, pt. 5

Sunset Hill Happenings
Bloomington, IN
June - Present

A brief history of Hotel Feltonia:
  • Tim & I moved in.
  • Josh moved in 'cause his lease ran out and he was job-searching.
  • Ryan moved in 'cause he needed a place to stay temporarily until he found his own place.
  • Brandon moved in 'cause he was supposed to be our roommate.
  • Brandon moved out 'cause he realized he didn't love us anymore (j/k he still loves us just not roommate kind of love).
  • Josh moved from upstairs to downstairs 'cause he found a job in Bloomington and became our roommate.
  • Ryan moved out 'cause he found his own place.
  • Jimmy moved in 'cause he needed a place to stay while he was off work.
  • Jimmy moved out 'cause he went Japanese.
Several others have stayed at Hotel Feltonia for short stays, and anyone is welcome!

Monday Night dinners

Will, Colleen, Kevin, Josh, Tim, and I have started eating dinner together every Monday night. After eating, we hang out and talk about things, and get updated on each others' lives. We usually take some time to pray for each other. Guests are welcome to join us anytime, and we have acquired some semi-regulars: Bridgett, Alan, & North Milner, and Louis & Leah Malone IVs, and Whitney Lee Dather. If you haven't been and want to come, just let one of us know you want to come. We may ask you to bring a side dish or a beverage or something, but you are always welcome.

Poopy Puppies

Will & Kevin got dogs.

To the right is Joaquin. He is some sort of crazy mutt thing. Every week we come up with some new breed that we think is in his heritage - Terrier, German Shepard, Pit Bull, hyena, etc. What we do know is that he is very energetic and loves to lick your face. He also knows how to give high fives.

This is Joanna and her pack leader, Guff. She is a pure bred Bassett Hound. She is more stubborn and more complacent. Joaquin wears her out and then she collapses and is the cutest thing ever. They are both really fun and sweet, but also pretty high maintenance for the Roses. Will and Kevin really wanted to get their puppies at the same time so they would grow up together, like Will and Kevin grew up together. Later, after doing some reading up on puppy-rearing, they discovered that getting two puppies at the same time is universally discouraged in the pet world. Shramped.

So the Roses have been trying to choose the right combination of puppy-rearing philosophies and even enrolled the pups in a Puppy Training class at PetsMart. I have gotten a bad reputation for being the "crazy aunt" that doesn't discipline them and encourages all the wrong behaviors. Oops. I am trying to be better, though.

A few weeks ago, Jo and Joacho graduated from their Beginner Puppy Class and this is their graduation picture. (I edited out the weird guy that was sitting in between them) They plan to do the Intermediate in the spring, where they will hopefully learn to stop eating Jose's poo.

I think that's good for catching you all up on the last 3 months. I'll try to keep caught up from now on.



  1. I think you should add a bullet point between jimmy move in and jimmy moved out that says. "Jimmy crashed his car into the house" it was an important event that we still see the ramifications of to this very day.

  2. you forgot "chupacabra" in the possible breeds of Joaquin.

    ps--completely tickled that you edited out Chewie's pack leader.

  3. your life is clearly WAY more interesting than mine. Thank you for sharing it :)