my 3 month hiatus, pt. 4

The 10k
Indianapolis, IN
Sept. 27

I am not a runner.

I have always hated running. In gym class, we had to run a mile every month, and every time I panicked and ended up walking most of it. I grew up a dancer, and in general, dancers don't run. The muscles that you refine to be able to perform an arabesque or grand jete are not the same ones you need to run a 7 min-mile.

When I was a senior in college, I decided to take a jogging class (looking back at my college transcript, I think I was an underachiever). It was one of the best things I ever did. I ran twice a week and our instructor taught us about different types of running schedules and stuff like that, which was all new to me. When the class was over, I continued running off and on through the summer.

Then I lived in Chicago for about a year, with my good friend, Alyssa, who is a for real runner (I think she has an endorphin addiction). She encouraged me to run my very first race - an 8k race called the Shamrock Shuffle, April 2006 in Chicago. It was really fun, and the only thing that could have motivated me to run in February and March in Chicago.

After the Shamrock Shuffle, I went a long time without running. Then Colleen, Jess, and I signed up to run the Evansville Half-Marathon together. We ran it in Oct. 2007 and it was really hot and terrible. But I made it to the finish line, albeit, after almost 3 hours, but I didn't care! I was just ecstatic to have made it the entire 13.1 miles without collapsing!

After the Half-Marathon, I went a very very long time without running. I ran a 5k this past summer, but it didn't really turn out so well (we don't talk about it). Then I signed up for a 10k Sept. 27th in an effort to make up for the terrible 5k.

10Ks are my jam. The perfect distance for me - just long enough to have to train for, but not long enough to make me wonder if I might die.

My goal was to run under 12-min miles, and I ran about 11-min miles! I know that sounds really slow, but it was a true accomplishment for me. I think that I can run faster, but I just have to work on it. Anyway, the race it self was kind of lonely compared to other races I have run. There weren't a lot of people enrolled, and I ran most of the race with just a couple of other runners in my sight. I didn't like feeling like I was running alone, but it did motivate me to run faster to try to catch up to people. (And also, I did not want to get passed by the speed-walkers).

So....now I am back to not running at all. I am really bad about consistency. I can feel all my muscles turning to mush again, just in time to gorge myself at Thanksgiving. Sometimes I feel like a bear preparing for hibernation - whenever it starts to get cold I want to sit inside and eat all the time.

But when winter is over, and I am done hibernating, I'll be ready for another race!


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