renovation, week 5

Week 5: Aug 7-13
Week 5 began with a trip to Cincinnati!  A friend from days of old got married and Will & Colleen, and Tim's parents were also there.  We had a wonderful time at the wedding, of course, but also took full advantage of our proximity to IKEA!  Since our kitchen cabinets had gotten damaged during the demolition, we were pricing new kitchen cabinets, countertops, and sinks.  After about 4 hours of winding, twisting paths of home furnishings, Tim and I had come to no decisions and were running low on both patience and time.  After we left IKEA, we decided to use our brother and sister-in-law's kitchen cabinets, since they are getting new ones (and they are FREE!).  

So when we returned to IKEA the next day, we settled on a kitchen countertop, kitchen sink, bathroom sink, bathroom sink stand and a pack of IKEA cinnamon rolls.  After some tetris-esque finagling of the countertop, we had packed our loot into the RAV and headed home.  (The countertop took up all the space in the passenger seat of the RAV, so I rode home with Tim's parents.  Luckily they had decided to come to Bloomington for a few days to help out on the house!)

Back in Bloomington, Josh, Kevin, and Rob had been working hard finishing up the painting.  They had bought the Million Dollar Red paint and pretty much had the kitchen finished by the time we got home on Sunday. 

So, Tim and his parents got started right away on installing the bamboo floors.  Mike came over to offer his expertise and brought Frank along too.  We all worked late into the night until Tim realized our neighbors may not enjoy the sound of the table saw at 11:00 pm.  However, thanks to a lot of help from Tim's parents, and other friends (like Nate and Laura below) the floors were finished just a few days!
Also, our good friend Mandy (of Schacht Farm fame - I blogged about them here) tiled our entire bathroom floor for us!  All I had to do was seal the grout.  I wish I had snapped a pic of her working on the tile, but she came while I was at work and knocked it out in just 2 days.  She is an amazing lady!  See Tim cutting the tile with the wet saw and the finished product below:
Guess how much all that tile cost?  $5 from the Restore - Booyah!


Tim's little brother, Nick, drove up from Louisville and helped a TON!  One of the many jobs he did was install the shower faucet and Jared put up our new tub surround:
Charlie installed our new door jams:
Also, Josh put dowel rods up in our closets so we could hang our clothes, and made some sweet mini shelves in his closet out of leftover floor pieces.  I will share some sweet pics after we finish the closets (we are going to add some shelves).

On Thursday, only three days from when we had to be out of our old house, there was still a lot to do, but things were looking hopeful.  Our friends, Seth, Julie, Mark, Nick, Ellie, and Kristen were all coming to town for the weekend to help out, and we were really looking forward to their help, expertise and positive attitudes.  However, we weren't out of the woods just yet.......

STAY TUNED for the Bathroom Sink Saga & Tim's IKEA Hack + the Move-out EXTRAVANZA!

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