renovation, week 4

Week 4: July 31-Aug 6

My dad, stepmother, and little brother came up for the weekend to kick off week 4!  We were going to work on tiling the bathroom, but the drywallers were still finishing, so instead Tim and my dad built a gate in the fence between our yard and the Roses backyard so we could walk easily back and forth.  Here is the fruit of their labors.
Someday, we might take the fence down and either leave both yards unfenced, or continue the picket fence around our yard too.  But for now, we are confining these lovable critters to one yard only.
We soon realized that we would need to start painting soon, and that meant MORE DECISIONS!  Josh and I went to Bloomington Paint and Wallpaper and picked a bajillion paint swatches and Tim and I spent many hours scrutinizing over the various shades.  Josh also discovered the Benjamin Moore Personal Color Viewer, which is kind of fun.  We chose lots of vibrant colors and are pleased with our colorful home!  Those with subtle tastes, be warned - it's like a rainbow exploded!
Sorry, I didn't snap any good photos during the painting phase!  Above is a picture of the kitchen and living room (plus some sweaty dudes) and our bedroom.  The photo quality isn't very good for viewing the colors, but at least you can get an idea.  Below are the names of the colors in case you want to try to imagine what they might look like...

Living Room: Pale Avacado
Kitchen: Million Dollar Red
Hallway: Prevence Creme
Bathroom & Spare room: Jamaican Aqua
Josh's Room: Cafe Royal
Tim & Carrie's Room: Passion Plum w/ Provence Creme accent wall

Lots of friends pitched in and helped us to prime the enter house, and apply 2 coats of paint on all the walls!  We couldn't have done it with out the extra hands!

Stay tuned for week 5, Tim's ikea hack, and the Moving Extravaganza....

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  1. I am offended that my closet project didn't make the stay tuned section. Very offended.