renovation, week 2

Week 2: July 17-23

Mom and Pop Felton came up to Bloomington to help us during our second weekend of renovation.  We had pulled up the carpet in the living room to discover cheap thin tile beneath.  We soon discovered that this tile was under the carpet in each of the bedrooms as well.  John and Maggie helped us pull up the tile in the living room and hallway, but Tim convinced me that it wasn't worth the time and effort to pull up the tile in the bedrooms since we could probably install our floor right over top of it.

The second day Tim's parents were here, Tim asked his dad to take down the wrap that goes around our bathtub.  We had originally planned on leaving it up and having the drywall guys hang drywall around it, but Tim said, let's take it down and have them drywall behind it.
 Boy was Tim's dad in for a treat when he removed that wrap.

So...I gave the wall a good bleach scrub down and Charlie replaced the rotting wood around the faucets.  The toiled was also broken, so we removed it, and since we found water damage behind the shower wrap, we pulled up the linoleum too.  I took a pic from outside the bathroom because it stunk so bad.
At our community dinner that week, Tim suggested that we write verses and prayers on the walls of our house to sort of dedicate the house to the community and to God.  We had heard of people doing this before in churches or Young Life buildings, but I had never done it before, and it was a really neat experience.  Buying and renovating this house had been a stressful and tiresome experience thus far, so it was good for us to remember that in the end, it will be more than just a house, it will be a home and an important part of our community here on Sunset Hill.
Stay tuned for updates on Weeks 3 and 4!

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