The Great Moving Extravaganza of 2010


Moving is always exhausting and draining, no matter when or how you do it.  However, this time felt especially daunting, given the five weeks of frantic house renovations that lead up to move-in weekend.

Luckily, we happen to have some really wonderful friends who drove far (and short) distances to help us.  When Seth, Julie, Nick, and Mark rolled in to town on Friday night, they found Tim, Josh, Will, Kevin, and I tired and weary, but they were eager and energetic - which was exactly what we needed.

Seth and Julie offered some much needed advice in the plumbing department, since they had done a lot of plumbing on their own house recently.  Nick is a git 'er done kind of worker, and started loading up the van almost immediately.  With the extra hands and the extra energy, we were able to get everything moved, the old house cleaned, and the toilets and sinks installed and leak-free by Sunday night!  We really couldn't have done it without our friends.
We did have a slight setback on Saturday when the electricity in half the house went out.  Nate Delong worked diligently to fix the problem, but it ended up being a problem with Duke (go figure).  So we finished moving and plumbing at the new house without air conditioning, which was....hot.  

A special thanks to: Seth & Julie Rowe, Mark Taracuk, Nick Cattin, Ellie Hansotte, Kristen Svenstrup, Whitney Dather, Nick Felton, Nate Delong, Travis Jeffords, Jessica Adams, Tim Street, and probably more that I've forgotten at this point...

I hope we can return the favor someday.

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  1. so many helpy helpers! i'm glad i got to see your house. :) we moved around the same time...who knew?