minus the husband

Hey blogspots.

As you probably know, my husband, Tim, is a super rock legend in the band husband&wife. No, I am not in the band, it is just called that....yeah, I know, it's kind of a dumb name, but that's not the point. The point is that Tim and his bandmates were on tour for 10 days in May followed by 6 days of all day recording. This left the wives to savor the beginnings of summer with each other and friends. We used to get really sad and lonely every time they left for tour, but I think Jess and Colleen would agree that we now embrace the opportunity to spend time with our friends without spousal distractions! Plus, it's a great time to get things done around the house (not that I have done this, but I think Jess and Colleen do...)

Here are some highlights from my time husbandless (in stream of consciousness, no capitalization, list form):
upland ard ri, hipstamatic pics, the orrs, party van, running, tortilla casserole, michael jackson, Jared Cheek's stretches, haircuts, making pants into shorts, kaylakitty & jessballs, weeding the garden, young life meetings, aver's pizza, youtubes, hey dixroid, fishing tips from mike johnson, vanilla gelato, blueberry ginger ice, b-carl, nick's, a million sports channels and no reds game, bucket o fries, beer, lung cancer, settlers, dc talk, more youtubes, jam session, pianica, bible study fail, the simpsons, beach body insanity, super stuffed tortillas, scholar's inn martinis, fasone, girls night, gone with the wind, rockit's intermission, getting lost on 465, oberon mini-keg, blockus, late night talks, chicken korma, sophia, constance, chocolate cookies, bible study success, baby badger, barrettes, catholic workers, potluck, sushi, twilight, yard sales....

Phew.  Friends are so important in making time away from your husband fun and not terrible.  Thank you to all my favorite chill buds.  (Wish I had more pics, but I was too busy having fun to adequately document it all)

Sorry if you found this post a little boring.  I have more fun things to share in the future...



  1. You forgot to mention that on the plus side no maritals, on the down side no maritals.

    [alternate comment]

    Wait, running? When did that happen?