Hey tobloggans,

This is a blog post about maritals in two parts.

Part I

One time, Tim, Josh and I were in the kitchen discussing what we would do that evening.  Somehow tension began to grow between Tim and me.  I don't remember why, he probably wanted me to go do something that I didn't want to do....anyway, Tim eventually walked upstairs.  Sensing his frustration, I followed him to talk about it.  Figuring we could use some time alone, Josh cut his losses and retired for the evening.  After Tim and I resolved our issues, we came downstairs to find that Josh had already gone to bed, so we watched an episode of TV and did the same.

The next morning, I attempted to apologize to Josh for having left so abruptly:
"Hey Josh, sorry about last night.  Tim and I were having a marital - " I paused to search for the appropriate noun, and just as I had settled on the word "issue," Josh interjected.

"You were having a marital?"

"Haha, yes, we were having a marital"

"Wait, what kind of marital?  The good kind or the bad kind?"

"Not the good kind...."

"Well, I guess one could lead to the other."

"This is true...but it didn't last night."
It was funny.  So, you can have a marital or you can have a marital.  It sounds confusing, but that's why it is funny. 

Part II

Last weekend Tim and my mutual best friend, Brett Thompson, married the girl of his dreams, Jenny Hirsch.  They are two of the most loyal, passionate, and generous people we know.  I am so proud of Brett and how he has grown into a strong and sensitive man and so glad such a wonderful woman fell in love with him.
Even though the ceremony was outside in the blazing hot sun, it was still beautiful.  Our good friend, Jeff Mahrt performed the ceremony and said some great things about LOVE and Jenny was gorgeous and Bretty teared up as she walked down the aisle!

Plus, there were so many people from different parts of their lives there.  High school friends, college friends, and family friends all together at one sweet party.  Tony Gosner flew in from CO, Yoga master Keith Godfrey was lookin' totally fine, Dave and Kenny brought some ERS, Riggsman vs. the YLs, Pankake and friends put it in a cone, and the artist formerly known as Bruggs showed up for groomsman duty, and so many more.  There were even some new friends from NOLA! 

Also, thanks to Jessica and her fashion blogs, I was lookin' pretty classy.  She lent me a dress and some sweet accessories for the rehearsal dinner and the wedding.  I don't have any sweet pics of my outfit because I was too busy cutting a major rug, but maybe someone somewhere snapped one....

Anyway, not that Brett or Jenny will ever read this blog, but I just wanted to proclaim to all the webs that I love them both and wish them lots of love, not too many maritals, and LOTS of maritals....


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