getchasef uptadate...

Sorry you haven't heard from me in awhile, blogosphere.  I hope you can forgive me.  Since my last post there were some happenings that kept me busy. 

Here's the summary:

made an offer on a house that was not for sale
applied for new job
husband left for tour
interviewed for new job
turned 27 years old and received my first "you're getting old" joke from a stranger
halfway completed several household projects
husband returned
got rejected for new job
owners accepted our offer to purchase the house that was not for sale
a volcano in iceland erupted spewing clouds of ash above europe
told volcano to "shut up"
went to italy for two weeks to spite said volcano
gained 5 lbs
returned safely (take that, volcano)
wrestled with gelato withdrawal
gave up on working out
husband left for another tour
decided to update my blog

and the best is yet to come!

More posts coming up!


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  1. Gaining weight is the new being skinny. Everyone knows that fat is where it's at. Glad to hear from you on the blogger realm again!