Super Bowl? More like Pooper Bowl...

Yesterday, we all went over to Jimmy's condo to watch the big game, dressed in blue, and with our best snackies in hand.  I even made this sweet Colts slutty tee (you are supposed to wear it without the white shirt underneath and with more skin showing on the sides).

Tim made some little smokies, I made some pretzels with white chocolate and blue M&Ms on top, and Josh made some bacon wrapped tater tots (or Bacotots as I like to call them).  Louis and Leah brought blue rice krispy treats, cheese puff things, and the ingredients for blue Tom Collins (sweet and sour mix, gin, and some other liqueur.)  Colleen made BBQ wings, Guff made chili cheese dip, and Will made the infamous Baconweave (bacon weaved together to make a large mat, then wrapped around some italian sausage and smothered in BBQ sauce). 
Okay, so the Indianapolis Colts were defeated, but I was personally consoled by the gross amount of greasy fatty junkfood I had just consumed.  Food is better than football, half-time shows, and commercials.

Here is a post-game picture of me being sad, Josh being pissed, and Tim being...Tim.
Congratulations Saints and Saints fans (and Tracy Porter, even though you were on the opposing team this time, I still love you).

Peyton, there's always next year (I'm saving my slutty tee)...


  1. those snacks were pretty good. and i think they did help make my night better.

  2. I am moving that the "Baconweave" forever be known as the "M.F.B.W."