not your ordinary cybergiveaway.

So....this chick, Rachel Thurston has some sweet photography on her website: www.rachelthurston.com

She it totally glam. 
She also happens to be giving away a prize to some lucky commenter on her blog.  I hesitate to even tell you about it because then you will all enter the contest, thus decreasing my chances of winning.  But then I thought that if my friend Jennie was nice enough to post about it on her blog so that I could enter, then I really should tell you all about the giveaway as well.  So...I'm like paying it forward...or something like that.

Anyway, check out Rachel's photography at her website, then check out the contest mentioned on her blog post from 1.28.10.  (or don't bother checking out the giveaway if you don't want to...I mean seriously it's like a way dorky prize that only dorks would want....really...)  


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