Long before I had a blog or a Myspace account or a Facebook account, I had a livejournal.  Colleen (texmexbean) was the original LJer and I wanted to read all her incredibly insightful and clever posts, so I started my own.  I wrote in my livejournal for about 2 years before I abandoned it for less demanding forms of social networking.

I had almost completely forgotten about livejournal until, yesterday, when I noticed that a friend had commented on my blog using her livejournal account.  I was immediately catapulted me back in time, and had to look up my old account.  After spending about 20 minutes trying to remember my username and password, I was reunited with my 22 year-old ramblings.

If you are a glutton for punishment, you can take a peek at my livejournal, but I wouldn't recommend it.  It is pretty embarrassing just how obnoxious and whiny I could be (I am probably just as obnoxious now, but don't tell me, I'd like to remain in denial).  However, I did stumble across a few witty gems every once in awhile, mostly comments left by my very funny friends.

I'll just share some highlights.

1. I once wrote a livejournal entry about how I wanted to stop shaving my armpits, but was afraid of what people would think of me.  It was an all around annoying entry, but  jeffy6toes' comment made it worthwhile:
i didn't know asians had armpits like white people do. cool. i want to say that every other week i put an attachment on to my electric razor and trim up my body hair. i trim my sideburns, neck, eyebrows, shoulders, nipples, naval, pubics, and probably most importantly my armpits. i trim my armpits because when i go to the beach i don't like when hair sticks out real far. i really don't think that anyone should be expected to shave so close that they lose important body oils-male or female-face or pits or legs. trim...just trim like i do. it's not gross. let's lose the expectation to be smooth and silky. let's also keep each other in check and not let our buddy's body hair get gross. icky!
2. Once, when I was living in Chicago, I went to a Bulls game .  I wrote an entry about the game and titled it "if i wasn't dating a white indie rocker, i'd be dating a big, black basketball player."  To which texmexbean replied:
if i wasn't dating a mexican indie rocker, i'd be dating a white indie rocker.
Oh, that Colleen and her racist remarks...

3. Another time, I wrote an entry about my life in Chicago and asked my friends for some job referrals.  husbandandwife responded with this:
i know this dudelady named Debbie that does some work in chicago and might need some help. i think she is an electrician or something. i just remember hearing something about red-lights, but i didn't catch the entire job description. i think she hangs out downtown, at night mostly, in case you bump into her. i'm sure you'd be good at whatever kind of work she needed help with. i guess it pays pretty well.

tell her i sent you. she should remember me from all of the prostitution i've paid her for.
I'll let you guess who "husbandandwife" is.

Thanks for enduring the stroll down memory lane with me.  In all my reminiscing, I remembered that I had started a blog back in 2006.  I only wrote 2 posts before forgetting about it completely.  I decided to merge The Salty Side blog with it and just see what happened.  I am not getting rid of this domain name yet...unless I decide to....

You might want to check it out, guy.


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