September and October

In an effort to catch up on my blogging, here are some highlights from September and October. I know it's old news, but this blog is basically my online scrapbook, so...please join me for a stroll down memory lane.

{{wiggly lines to represent flashback like in 90s TV shows}}

seXRA fest III: September 24 - 25

I could show you a bunch of pictures of dudes playing instruments on stage, but let's be serious, the audience participation is what XRA Fest is all about (HINT: asian girl on left is not me).

Here are some fine lookin' ladiez who managed to keep their shirts on and Kevin lookin' like a nerd (HINT: asian girl on the right is me)

Backyard tunez at the Backyard BBQ (filmed before a live studio audience)

You know it is a successful XRA Fest when most of the audience ends up on stage, shirtless, sweaty, hands outstretched, screaming the lyrics!

 punk'd: October 29

This past autumn season, Sunset Hill hosted a Halloween-themed punkin-carvin party complete with screenings of Beetlejuice and Evil Dead.
Kevin carved a classic bike-sunburst-tree scene, Josh created a likeness of the Indiana state emblem, Tarabee decided to throw out the "Halloween" theme altogether and instead carved a dino-mite "Happy Dino-ween" punkin, and I carved my best rendering of the Twin Peaks sign from the hit television serial drama, Twin Peaks (aka "tweaks").

Halloweenballz: October 31

I was a Care Bear for Halloween. This is me at a Circles Halloween event for work.

This is what a Care Bear looks like in moonface.

And this is me being weirded out by my CUH-RAYZEE friends: little-girl-from-all-dogs-go-to-heaven, purple unicorn, and smallwood slut in moonface

Man that's a lot of memories for one blog post (I have to remind myself that people's attention spans are shrinking everyday). So in an effort to accommodate your overstimulated brain, I will stop there. 

Thanks for hangin' in there. I'll be back soon.


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