i'm still here, folks.

Hey webbudz!

My last blog post was in October - nearly six months ago. I tell you what, when you've been outta the game that long, it's tempting just to abandon the blogosphere altogether. I know, it's crazy talk, but that's how I've been feeling lately.

But I woke up today with a renewed sense of dedication to the cyberworld. I looked in the mirror and with determination said, "Carrie, don't be a quitter. Quitting is for ding-dongs. Would Rebecca Black let a few boring Fridays keep her from looking forward to the weekend? So why should you let a measly six-months keep ya down?"

So here I am. I just organized my all my sweet pics on my new computer and realized there's lots of good stuff that happened that I am sure you (all 6 of you who read this) are just DYING to hear about.

So...stayed tuned!
Oh, and now I can take cool pics of myself with my new web-cam like the cool bloggers do. Welcome to the big leagues, Care.


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  1. Bahahahaha. That made me laugh. Totally worth the post.