I joked for awhile that I should name this blog "wifeblog" because so many of my blog posts are about my husband.  I just can't help it, he is such a weird dude, I have to share it with the world.

So here are a few more tidbits about Tim.

He has this sort of OCD thing about having a glass of water on the bedside table when he goes to sleep at night.  Each night he fills a glass, carries it upstairs, takes a drink, then sets it on the bedside table.  The next night, he does the same.  He insists on filling his glass full of water and refuses to drink from the glass he got the night before ("because of floaties").  The other night I took a picture of his bedside table.
(Have you ever seen the movie, Signs?)

A few weeks ago I turned on my camera and this was the first picture I saw:

Apparently, Tim woke up one morning, looked in the mirror and thought "Whoa, I am looking pretty scrubbly.  I better capture this moment digitally."  I think this was the day he was getting his haircut, so maybe part of him was a little sad and wanted a memento of his time as a teen wolf...

Last week Tim turned 27 years old.  Tim didn't want a big group party thing for his birthday so we just went out to eat with a small group of friends.  After dinner, James, Tim and I came back home for some cookie cake.  Even though it was just Jimmy and me, we still lit up the candles and sang "Happy Birthday" (actually, James sang a solo Happy Birthday while I pretty much just giggled).
That's all for now from the wifeblog.


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