my wedding resume.

Yo my bloggaz.

One of my favorite things to do is go to weddings.  I love wearing dresses, reuniting with friends, eating good food, drinking good drink, partying down and dancing 'til my feet are so sore I can't walk...

There is something really special about weddings.  Although I really loathe the commercial wedding industry that has capitalized on and exploited the sacred ritual, I still love how weddings can bring together all the people you love.  How friends and family will travel long distances to be present on the day that someone they love pledges their love to someone they love...forever.  And after these loyal travelers witness the couple's promises to each other, everyone gets to enjoy a HUGE party!  Tim and I liked to think of our wedding and reception as a big "Thank You" to all the people we love, for being a part of our lives up until that moment, and for supporting us in that moment and beyond.

At our rehearsal dinner, Will Rose said that he likes to think weddings are a little piece of heaven on earth.  In our case, I definitely agreed.

In the past half decade, I have been invited to 29 weddings (according to my best recollection). Of those 29 weddings, I was able to attend 72% and had to regretfully decline 28%.  At about half the weddings I attended, I had a specific role of some sort.  I thought I would share my wedding resume with you, you know, in case you were thinking of including me in a future nuptial event.

I have been...
...a Bridesmaid (thrice)
...an Honorary Bridesmaid (once)
...a Maid of Honor (once)
...a Scripture Reader (four times)
...an Emcee at a reception (once)
...a Bride (once)

Perhaps someday I may have the pleasure of being...

...a Flower Girl
...a Matron of Honor
...a Groomsmaid (Jimmy?  Josh?  Brett-it's not too late)
...the Officiant (I can be ordained in just a few minutes online)
...a Musician (I am great at the tambourine)

Think about it dudes.

Here's a few pics from some weddings.  Wish I had a pic from all of them!


  1. Jeeeez Louise! I have only been a bride (once). That is it. None of my friends want me to be any part of their wedding ceremonies. Maybe I'm not bridesmaid material. My 10 yr anniversary is fast approaching though and David and I are going to renew our vows to love each other through the cosmos (just like Bishop Foster made us tell each other the first time). I will be having a "Who Wants To Be a Bridesmaid?" competition soon. If you want in on that, you just let me know! Or maybe David and I could help you check off one of your other items on your wishlist.

  2. i so want in on that competition...

  3. Groomsmaid...feh. I got scramped and had to be mister funny guy at your reception, so you get an equally annoying job...cleaning up after nick's drunk ass.

  4. Yeah right sucker. There was nothing to clean up...other than the shambles of friendships I body slammed. And you did nothing to help with that! (other than laugh)