the big two.

Tim and I celebrated our two year anniversary last Tuesday, Dec. 29th.  I sort of forgot it was our anniversary, but Tim bought me these sweet flowers and we went out on the town for a nice dinner and some desserts.

In a lot of ways I feel like we have been married for a lot longer than two years.  Maybe because we dated for a few years before we got married, or maybe just because so much has happened and developed in our lives since then that it seems like a long time.  Yet, it also seems like just yesterday Tim was flipping on the Christmas lights that read "Will you marry me?"

The first two years of marriage have been full of joy, stress, heartache, disappointment, frustration, growth, increased trust, increased doubt... During year two, we both experienced acute heartaches and stresses, yet I think we really grew together through them all.

Tim's parents leave tomorrow for Harlaxton College in England, where Tim's father will be teaching for the semester.  In talking with them about their trip, we started reminiscing about when Tim spent a semester at Harlaxton in 2005.  We remembered what our relationship was like back then, full of infatuation and wonder and intrigue.  It was a very exciting time in our relationship, the falling in love time.  But as we talked we both agreed that it's so much better now.  We know each other so much more than we did back then, and we are so much closer and love each other more.  I hope it never stops getting better.

Happy Anniversary, huband!

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