On Stealing Blog Posts.

In which intellectual property is snagged from under my nose.

When you start blogging about your life on a regular basis, you start to experience things through bloggy-colored glasses. For example, you are going about your day and you hear something intriguing on the radio and it gets you thinking, and you think to yourself, "this would make a good blog post." Sometimes, I even start piecing together witty descriptions and clever insights in my mind, preparing for what I might compose later in my blog post.

Well, a few weeks ago, some friends and I witnessed the Grand Opening of Will Rose's mud oven. As we were enjoying the backyard pizza bonanza, I had one of those blog-post premonitions.

I am totally blogging about this later. I need some good pictures though. Crap, I didn't bring my camera....

I asked Colleen if she had a camera, but Josh eagerly intercepted with, "I have my camera in my pocket." He reached into his pocket and tossed the camera to me.

Sweet, now for some blog-worthy photo ops.

I snapped a few pics, and asked Josh to please send the pics to me or post them on the ol' facebook, and he agreed.

The next day, I open my Google Reader only to find this post waiting for me over on Josh's blog, Bravo Deploy Satchmo. (What a dumb name for a blog, by the way (1)).

I got scooped!

Oh well, it was a pretty good blog post, pretty much as good as I could have written about the night (except I probably would have included less about the actual pizza and more about how cute Brett and I look in this picture).

Anyway, if you wanna find out more about the Rose-mud-oven-pizza-parTAY, check out Josh's version. You could also just start reading his blog as it's pretty entertaining(2).

I will be back soon with an original post....unless Josh has already taken that idea too...


(1) see this post.
(2) Was that a good enough plug?


  1. 1) My camera was in my pocket, not my car. Who does your fact checking.

    2) I'm three ideas ahead of you, just pack it in.

    3) Yes

  2. 1) who does your fact checking?

    2) you can pack it in...your face.

    3) you're welcome.