buzy bees.

Hey everyone!

As usual, life has been too full - so full that there just hasn't been time for blogging. But I'll save you the excuses and jump straight to the part where I introduce you to Sunset Hill's newest 4,000 community members.

(Okay, so these aren't our bees, I found this photo from a google image search.)
So maybe you've heard us talking about about honeybee planz, or maybe this is news to you, but last Saturday, Kevin picked up a hive of honey bees from Morgantown, IN and brought them to their new home in our backyard.

Kevin and I are the designated beekeepers for the community and are kind of in love with honeybees. Kevin has done more research on how to actually keep bees, and I have mainly just added my enthusiasm to the pot. We are both definitely beginners and are relying on books and more experienced friends to helps us along.

Kevin some received some bee boxes for Christmas and last month Kevin and I painted them and made a stand for them. Here are some pics:

What I love most about honeybees is that they are highly social animals. They have organized and specialized roles and are able to communicate in sophisticated ways. I am so fascinated by them and am excited to get to know them more. Also, I looooove me some honey. If I am lucky, I will become as crazy as this dude someday:

Stay tuned for more about the bees, road trips, and other fun community activities!



  1. Sad moment when you realize this person hasn't blogged in two years.