Discography '09

For those of you who didn't already know, I am a pretty supremo disc golf player. My disc of choice is an Innovo "Champion Beast" distance driver signed by Barry Schultz, translucent yellow for optimal visibility.

My dear friend, Joshua K. Milligan, introduced me to the fine sport of disc golf awhile back, and I have gradually (very gradually) grown fond of it. Josh decided it was only logical to organize a weekly disc golf game throughout the summer, so we kicked it off yesterday at Karst Farm Park.

I must say that I played the best 9 holes of disc golf ever: +6/9 holes. Yes, that is a plus sign before that number 6, as in 6 over par, but compared to my average +12/9, this is a vast improvement. My personal goal was +9/9, which I crushed. Usually, I play with boys who are stronger, more experienced, and generally more athletic than I am, and so playing disc golf can be a bit of an ego bruiser. However, I found out today that playing with people who are better than me is the fastest way to improve my game long-term (just ask Mark Ellis of Discraft Discs)!

So now I am super pumped to improve, and I think you should come play with me!

For those of you who are considering taking up the sport, I have compiled a list of pros and cons:

  • It is cheap. You can pick up a new disc for about $4-10 and you can usually borrow a friend's. Most importantly, disc golf courses are free! You do not have to pay or have some fancy membership to play - unlike its upperclass counterpart.
  • It is pretty easy. If you have ever thrown a standard beach frisbee, it doesn't take much to adjust to the smaller denser versions.
  • It is social. While playing, you enjoy plenty of time to goof around with your buds, catch up with an old friend, or test the waters with your awkward match.com date.
  • It is exercise-ish. This is relative, of course, but compared to sitting at home watching 30 rock, a round of disc golf can seem rigorous. My arm is usually sore the next day, and there is plenty of walking. If you wanted to optimize your cardio, you could jog to your disc and between holes.
  • It is accessible. In Bloomington there are 3 disc golf courses: Karst Farm Park, Crestmont, and Sherwood Oaks.
  • If you are a fun-hater, you might find the activity offensive.
  • Also, if you have no arms, you might have some difficulty (unless you are this guy)
  • That's all I can think of...
Finally, if you are still not convinced, try watching this video of a bro with big muscles throwing discs in slow motion to the Chariots of Fire song. Totally inspiring.


p.s. We are playing at Sherwood Oaks this Sunday at 2:00pm if you want to join.

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  1. This post made my day. And not just because I was name checked. Although that certainly helped.

    Some ancient words of wisdom for new disc golfers:

    "Septuaginta Sentio Aer"